Adiós Anwar

Nunca realmente llegue a conocer en persona al poet iraní Anwar Al-Ghassani. Intercambie un par de correos con el planeando alguna colaboración en los muchos de sus proyectos. Tal colaboración nunca llegara.

Aqui nos queda su poesía, hasta siempre Anwar.

I Still Love Iraq; It seems I Am A Person Of Culture

For Farouq Salloum
Remembering engineer Bah’a Naji  المهندس بهاء ناجي

I read of the engineer whom they assassinated,
the one who wanted to repair As-Sarrafiya bridge in Baghdad.

I am now a grown up man
and know people die on each second on the planet,
yet the years pass by
and the silent blood stream
in the streets of Iraq never dries up,
and the dead are piled up at street corners,
deformed bodies whose frozen cries
are of a past that is present
at the kitchens in Iraqi homes.
Some dead keep floating
on our helpless rivers,
with mouths open,
thirsty for air.

Is this real or only words?
Are these images from a life gone by long ago,
or from dreams, despised and difficult to write about?

I am lost, but in the realm of the dead,
I collect my self, suppress my cry
and soundlessly think:

I love Iraq.
I still love Iraq.
If that is true,
then it follows that I am a person of culture.

San José, April 09, 2009, Anwar Al-Ghassani


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